About Alanna...

Alanna Boudreau is a woman richly gifted, both naturally and supernaturally. A writer, speaker, lyricist, pianist, and guitar player, she pushes beyond the pulse of things and into the very marrow of human experience, canvassing songs rich in melodic appeal and thematic telos. Her voice - which is agile, richly-toned, and refreshingly distinct - creates within the listener the same sense of attentiveness and receptivity inspired by the voice of an intimate friend, while simultaneously coming in contact with those areas of the mind and heart that are seldom agitated: the imagery she presents can disturb the oft-forgotten perimeter of one’s comfort zone.

Raised in a rural farming community in upstate New York, she studied classical piano from the age of six and, by the time she was in highcschool, was performing in recitals and writing lyrical music on the guitar. The lush, tangled countryside, an eclectic home full of music, philosophy books, and simple pastimes, and a insatiable curiosity revolving around the deeper realities hidden beneath the epidermal experience of life (in its pain and its goodness) all found incarnation in her song-writing, which continued to evolve throughout her college-career.

Her debut EP, Hands in the Land, was released in 2012. It was followed by a full length album, Hints & Guesses, in 2014, after a vastly successful Kickstarter campaign: both releases were met with great enthusiasm and lead to three tours throughout the U.S.,  a tour through Israel, a set of concerts in the Rocky Mountains as part of a collaborative effort with One Billion Stories,  and the SAMMY award for Best New Singer Songwriter in 2015. Most recently, she has had the esteemed honor of performing at CU NYC and CU San Francisco. Her song Petros was released as an in-studio video through LoveGoodMusic, a distribution company based in Nashville, in the Spring of 2015. A song is particularly beloved to her fans and listeners, Petros grapples with questions of human frailty, commitment, and forgiveness, and is sonically rich with texture, harmony, and instrumentation. It became integral in the soundtrack of an independent Spanish film created by the Madrid Schoenstatt Movement, 3 Monjes Rebeldes, released in Madrid in April 2015.  

The force beneath Alanna’s musical prowess is her desire to make direct contact with life in all of its messy contours: a desire to “be with”, expressed richly through her adroit usage of language. Gifted as both a lyricist and a speaker, Alanna unfolds the physiognomy of sensory experience through written, sung, and spoken word, challenging the one who listens with an invitation to ask what true nakedness and freedom actually mean. Alanna has spoken to audiences across the country on topics including beauty and culture, sexuality, feminism, interior freedom, and radical availability.

In February 2015, Alanna collaborated with LoveGoodMusic to create her second EP of original music, entitled Hesychasm. The EP was released exclusively through the company to patrons across the States and received many accolades and a clamor for wider release and further expansion. In March of 2016, she recorded her second full-length album in Nashville, teaming up with producer M. Allen Parker to create her most distilled, visceral work to date. It is set to be released in July 2016.